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Civil litigation generally includes all disputes that are formally submitted to a court, about any subject in which one party is claimed to have committed a wrong, but not a crime.

In practice and in ordinary conversation, lawyers and others concerned with civil litigation tend to treat many specialized subjects as outside this definition, such as labor law, as well as divorce actions and even small claims cases, even though all of these are technically types of "civil" litigation.

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The attorneys at Masessa & Cluff, Esqs. have handled various civil litigation matters including contract disputes, commercial and residential landlord/tenant matters, real property and easement disputes, commercial litigation, estate litigation, real estate commission claims, insurance claims, collection matters and lake association litigation.  

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Arbitration is the private, judicial determination of a dispute by an independent third party.  Arbitration is an alternative to court action (litigation) and is generally just as final and binding, unlike mediation or negotiation which are non-binding.  

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